Pest Inspection

Affordable Pest Inspection by Pest Xterminators London

Did you notice any signs of pesky rodents around your premises? Do you have to deal with itchy welts from bed bugs feasting upon your sleeping body at night? If you are suspecting that your place is infested by pests, simply book your cost-effective pest inspection in London from Pest Xterminators. We will send an experienced pest controller to find the pests’ favourite hiding spots by carefully inspecting every inch of your property.

Why Do You Need Pest Inspection

A pest inspection is a service that is performed by a professional pest technician. Here, the specialist’s task is to visually inspect your property in order to find signs of infestation or structural damages. Doing an inspection before taking any further action is a must, because it will provide the technician with a comprehensive information about the pest that he needs to deal with. It will also help him choose the best solution for your particular situation, for instance performing pest proofing or a full-scale pest extermination.

What Can You Learn From a Pest Inspection

  • Red digit one on white background The pest’s size and the level of infestation
  • Red digit two on white background Clear understanding of how the pest got in
  • Red digit tree on white background What would be the most effective and humane method for further extermination
  • Red digit four on white background The average duration of the whole process and if any additional visits are required

You don’t need a pest infestation to book an inspection. Call Pest Xterminators now and prevent any future pest infestations with the help of a professional pest control company.

How it Works?

  • Inspection

    A professional expert arrives at your property, carrying all the necessary tools and equipment for a 100% successful pest inspection. Even the most out-of-reach places will be perfectly inspected.

  • Treatment

    The pest control technician performs the inspection using endoscopic cameras in order to detect holes, through which the rodents may enter in your home. The modern technology that the pest exterminator uses will help him to reliably pinpoint the location of the pest, even if it’s behind the walls.

  • Prevention tips

    After collecting all details acquired after the inspection, the pest controller comes up with the most effective and humane solution so you can enjoy a completely pest-free home. Before the technician moves on to the actual extermination or proofing, you will be asked to confirm the final price. If you find the price to be reasonable, then the expert will begin immediate treatment in accordance with your preferences.

The Advantages of Booking with Pest Xterminators

By choosing Pest Xterminators, you can make sure that there is nothing that can possibly go wrong during the whole pest inspection procedure. The high quality of our pest control services in London is just one of the reasons why clients choose us. Learn more below!

  • Our experienced customer care is at your disposal 24/7
  • A team of fully licensed and well-equipped pest technicians
  • Quick availability when you need an emergency pest control treatment
  • Full property inspection, including everywhere inside and outside your property, ventilations, windows, sewers and drains, basements, the attic, and more
  • We can come with a non-branded van to perform a discreet pest control service

About Pest Inspection

Pest InspectionPest Inspection You are just one step away from totally pest-proofing your home. Simply call at 020 3746 4584 or fill in our online contact form to request a free, non-obligation quote for pest control in London. After getting in touch with us, a team of well-trained customer care representatives will guide you through all steps that are required to make a booking.