Commercial Pest Control

Pest-proof Your London Based Business

Doesn’t matter what type of business your are in, Pestxterminators’s certified and well-trained technicians will come up with the most affordable and efficient solution to keep your work environment away from irritating pests. We totally understand that even with extremely high levels of hygiene the pests can still attack your commercial property.

How it Works?

  • Inspection

    A full property inspection is required by our technicians to get the best insight on how complicated the pest infestation is. The most effective solution plan will be determined after all the entry points used by the pest are closely identified.

  • Treatment

    The commercial property will be completely pest-free after the experienced and appropriately equipped professionals entirely protect your business premises. All the products and methods used to ensure safe and total eradication of all kinds of rodents, insects and birds are eco-friendly.

  • Prevention tips

    When the extermination specialist is done with the treatment he will provide you with further pest control advice. Useful, proven techniques, tips and tricks on how to keep the pests away from your business building won’t be considered as a secret to your anymore.

Our Offer to Deal With Pests in Commercial Property

If you should encounter a pest treatment problem in your commercial property hiring a professional pest control company will bring you benefits that you might not be able to enjoy when trying to control the infestation by yourself.

  • Assigned account manager - By hiring Pestxterminators’s services you’ll have a personally-assigned account manager until your commercial premises are completely pest secured;
  • Certified pest technicians with years of experience - Our professional pest control technicians are well-trained and have all the appropriate equipment needed to deal with rodents, insects and birds;
  • Safe methods - Using eco-friendly pest control method to get the job done is our priority;
  • Fast and discreet service - Get a fast, efficient and discreet extermination with unbranded van;
  • Always open - Our customer support centre and technicians are on your availability 24/7.
  • Full Sanitation - Upon a request, we can completely sanitise all the infested areas in the commercial property. Time of the sanitation depends on the type of pest and the method used for their removal.

About Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control service can be implemented in many different scenarios. This is why we’ll draw an integrated pest management schema depending on the circumstances. Dial 020 3746 4584 now and schedule a visit from our experienced team. Right after the inspection they will come up with an individual plan to completely pest-proof your restaurant, coffee shop, school, etc.

*Following the booked service we offer a professional pest sanitation service done by a trained operative.