Wasps Control

Get Wasp Control In London And Chase Away The Stingers

You are being threatened by stinging, biting, angry wasps? Call PEST XTERMINATORS today and book a wasp control London service for your property. We will send an experienced wasp exterminator who will eliminate the dangerous insects with a single visit. And not only that but your property will also remain protected from any future infestations wasps.

How to Spot a Wasp Infestation

A property can become infested by wasps after they form a nest, usually on a nearby tree or the building itself. Wasps penetrate properties in search of food, suitable nesting spots, a place to stay during the cold months of the year, or simply by accident. You can identify an infestation by spotting the actual nest or by noticing that wasps are becoming unusually active around your property. In case you stumble upon the nest, it's inadvisable to approach it as wasps are very protective and quickly become agitated. Once angered, wasps will attack the object of their aggravation by biting and stinging. A wasp nest treatment is a sure way to deal with an infestation. Call Pest Xterminators and we will need only one visit and will use only powder that attacks the nervous system of the insects and thus kills them.

How it Works?

  • Inspection

    Your wasp exterminator will visit your property whenever it is most convenient for you. He will begin the service by carefully assessing the situation to determine what kind of pest control measures he should take.

  • Treatment

    Even though wasps are stubborn and willing to put up a fight, it only takes a single visitation to your property to eradicate them completely. The indoor surfaces of your property will be sprayed against the flying stingers. Also, if the nest is somewhere outside, the pest controller can easily remove it if it's easily accessible or up to 15ft high.

  • Prevention tips

    Once your wasp control service is over, your anti-pest specialist will even offer to share with you some incredibly useful tips on prevention of future infestations.

About Wasps

WaspWasps are social flying insects that form nests made of wood pulp. They are predatory and raise their larvae on a diet of captured insects. Wasps have quite the temper, they become extremely aggressive when threatened. They can bite but are also equipped with a poisonous sting that they can use multiple times (unlike bees who die after a single “shot”). The fact that wasps and bees look alike is no coincidence, it is believed that they (as well as ants) have a common ancestor. Even though wasps are quite dangerous, they are a natural hunter of many other pest insects. Nowadays, wasps are used as a natural pest control measure around crops.