Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment Method to Choose in London by Pest Xterminators

Heat treatment method has proven to be extremely efficient against bed bugs, spiders, fleas, cockroaches and other insects which usually cause infestation within England’s capital. It also achieves the most successful eradication rates with a single treatment.Call PEST XTERMINATORS on 020 3746 4584 and schedule your latest technology method for pest-free property.

Benefits of Our Effective Heat Treatment

  • Guaranteed insect prevention. Eggs, larvae or pupae doesn’t matter of the live stage of the insect. What is sure is they will be completely eliminated during the heat treatment which prevents further infestations.
  • We need only 2 visits. During the first visit we spray with insecticides. The followed second visit includes the heat treatment process itself for 100% pest-proof premises.
  • Complete safety. A temperatures from 56°C cannot harm anything inside your property. You will be notified in advance if anything must be moved away during the first inspection from the technician.
  • 3-month guarantee. This is the pest-free period of time we can completely guarantee. If any pests appear during that time the technician will visit you again for no additional charge.

* We quote based on the rooms that require treatment.

* It's important to let us know on which floor is the property located, so we can get prepared with equipment

* Upon a request we can offer a sanitation service for the treated areas for an additional cost.

How it Works?

  • Inspection

    Your premises will be fully inspected by our qualified technicians. The expert will come up with the solution about resolving the infestation and will completely advise you what may remain in the affected areas and what must be moved away during the heat treatment process. Before leaving the property the pest control specialist will spray all the infested areas with insecticides.

  • Treatment

    After 2-3 days the exterminator comes back to check if the insecticides were successfully implemented. When he ensures that everything is ready the heat treatment process can be started. All doorways are isolated and the diesel heaters are used to heat the infested rooms at up to 56°C.

  • Prevention tips

    After the treatment the exterminator will offer to share with you some useful tips on preventive measures against any kind of pest. Our heat treatment service comes with a 3-month guarantee. Nevertheless the certified pest control technician will come back 2 weeks after the heat process for a final inspection. If it’s necessary a follow-up spraying may be done free of charge.

Advantages of Propane Heater

Compared to the electric heat treatment systems the propane’s open-system heat allows the following advantages

  • Intense and immediate heating of the space.
  • Higher air output.
  • Higher volume of heated air.
  • High productivity capabilities.

About Heat Treatment

Heat Treatment is the alternative way to deal with pest infestation without relying on toxic chemical residues. With the help of propane heater this method produces positive air pressure which guarantees a full eradication of all insects at any life stage.