Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal Removal Service in London | Individual Pet Cremation

It is always distressing when you come across a dead animal in your property. Not to mention how hard it is to bury your own pet. Sometimes animals find a shelter in your premises without your knowledge and it’s also possible for them to die of starvation or due to old age. In each case establishing contact with the disease-transmitting carcass can lead to big troubles. Call the professionals and we guarantee to deliver a discreet service to dispose of the carcass in the appropriate way.

How We Remove Deceased Animals

The secret of our safe and efficient services is standing behind the couple of steps we come up with to guarantee a smooth process for both the customers and our highly professional technicians:

The carcass is only collected with the appropriate equipment (special gloves) and placed in a plastic sack.

Once it’s been completely removed from your property the deceased animal is disposed of in an incinerator, where is being burned at a high temperature until reduced to ash.

To get rid of the dead animal in the most safe and efficient way call Pestxtermitors’s polite customer care representatives and book your service. We will come to your property and completely remove all signs of the animal’s carcass. Either it’s a dead cat, pigeon or pest which has been exterminated, the pest technicians will treat the deceased animal with care until it’s entirely removed from your surroundings.

The Guaranteed Benefits You’ll Get Booking Our Dead Animal Removal Service

To make it even easier for you we have come with the following benefits you will take an advantage of when booking with us:

  • Emergency service - Our technicians are on your availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your needs. They can literally visit you at any time;
  • Avoid health hazard and bad smell - We know the smell coming from a dead animal in your property is quite unpleasant. Also getting in contact with the carcass can be harmful for your health condition. Call the professional dead animal removal specialists and there will be nothing to be worried about anymore;
  • Certified and experienced technicians - Our professional teams are armed with the proper equipment and well-trained to get the job done safe and quickly;
  • Discreet service - If you don’t want the whole neighbourhood to know you are using professional services to get rid of a deceased animal we can come with an unbranded van and transport the carcass to the pet cemetery for cremation in a discreet manner.

About Dead Animal Removal

Dead Animal Removal is not the most glamorous of work to be performed, but it’s a service that needs doing. The carcasses can turn up anywhere around your property and can cause some serious health problems. Our trained technicians will offer your quality services armed with all the right equipment for the job. The team will deal with the situation so you don’t have to.

Pestxterminators’s technicians have the experience to promptly and professionally remove the smelly and disease-transmitting carcasses of the following dead animals from your premises:

Small mammals - rats, mice, squirrels, foxes, cats, dogs, bats

Birds - pigeons, seagulls, etc.

Snakes - only dead snakes can be disposed of.

Note: We DO NOT remove dead animals of bigger size such as: horses, deers, pigs, cows, etc. They will also not be taken to the pet crematorium, as we cannot secure the transportation of animals with this type of size.