High Quality Pest Control in Southwark

PEST XTERMINATORS can help you in case your property has been invaded by pesky insects or rodents. Simply book your pest control Southwark service for a day and time that suit you best – the rest you can leave to the professionals! They effectively eradicate the population of whatever has taken hold at your place.

How it Works?

  • Inspection

    When your pest control specialist arrives at your place, he will carefully examine it to determine the level of infestation.

  • Treatment

    The entire population of the pest animals that bother you will be eradicated through effective modern methods that are absolutely safe.

  • Prevention tips

    Once your treatment is over, your home will be a pest-free zone and it will remain like this for an extensive period.

This Pest Removal Service Comes With Many Extra Perks

  • This service is NOT hourly-based
  • Customer care is available 24/7
  • Emergency appointments can be arranged
  • Perfectly safe, modern pest control methods
  • Discreet service (the team can come with a non-branded van)
  • Experienced, professionally equipped technicians

Service Availability Comparison

The Local Council of Southwark also provides pest control services, but not for all common vermin. Take a look at the table below and see which treatments are not offered by the council:

Service PestXterminators Local Council of Southwark
Fleas Control x
Cockroach extermination x
Moth treatment x
Pigeon proofing and control x
Spiders control x